Our History

From 2006 to 2024, the Cedarmere Foundation, a family foundation established in Seattle, Washington, strengthened the capacity of nonprofit organizations through support for the people and infrastructure needed to effectively address community challenges.

Over 18 years, the Cedarmere Foundation supported 51 nonprofit community partners, awarding them a total of $3.335 million.

The Foundation also partnered with many capacity building funders to strengthen the nonprofit sector and inspire other funders to support capacity building.

Our Legacy

The Cedarmere Foundation’s philanthropic giving ended in 2024, guided by the following vision, strategies, and values for directing our final grants and the legacy we hope to leave in the community.


Our legacy vision is strong, thriving nonprofit leadership equipped to navigate an uncertain future with the support of a funding community committed to investing in capacity building.


1. Invest in the development, support, and sustainability of nonprofit leadership. Cedarmere invested a total of $1.63 million through the final set of legacy grants, supporting the realization of the Foundation's Legacy Vision.

2. Share what we’ve learned about the power of capacity building grantmaking with our nonprofit partners and philanthropic colleagues. The primary result of this strategy is six key lessons centering on the overriding conclusion: Investing in capacity building is one of the most important and effective strategies a foundation can use to make organizations more effective, sustainable, and resilient. 


Learning: We embrace and support active, continuous learning and share what we learn with our community and philanthropic partners with the goal of inspiring others to invest in capacity building.

Equity: We commit to investing in Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), and women leaders and prioritize investments in organizations that support BIPOC communities and the reduction of racial and gender-based disparities.

Community: We value trusted relationships. We center our community partners in everything that we do and work with them to support the capacity building needs they prioritize.