How to Apply

The Cedarmere Foundation will not consider any unsolicited requests for funding. Please do not submit any documents to us unless you have already received an invitation to do so. Each form is in Word Format. To submit: open the file, save the file to your hard drive, answer the questions on each form or questionnaire, then send it back to the Cedarmere Foundation as an attachment to your email. The Proposal form requires two signatures, one from the Executive Director and one from the Board Chair. Please scan the completed, signed form and send it back to the Foundation as a PDF attachment to your email, if you are able to do so. If you are not able to do so, mail us one signed hard copy that includes the required signatures, but also be sure to send us an electronic version of the form even if it doesn't contain the signatures. The Cedarmere Foundation currently has only one grant cycle each year, which begins in late March and concludes in November with the awarding of the year's grants. Applying for a Cedarmere Foundation grant is a two-step process for organizations that have not previously received a grant from the Foundation:

Step One: Letter of Inquiry (LOI)


Each winter the board approves a list of organizations that will be invited to submit LOIs for the current year's grant cycle. These organizations will then be sent a letter of invitation and asked to download the LOI Form and an accompanying Questionnaire from our website, complete them, and return them to us as email attachments no later than May 1st. A copy of your IRS determination letter must also be submitted, either by email or regular mail, at the time you submit your LOI. It is only necessary for first-time grant applicants to have their Executive Directors and Board Chairs complete this Questionnaire and submit it with their LOIs. Former grant recipients no longer need to complete the Questionnaire for EDs and Board Chairs.

Cedarmere Foundation Letter of Inquiry Form

Cedarmere Foundation Questionnaire

Step Two: Proposal

(FOR ALL ORGANIZATIONS APPLYING FOR A GRANT FROM CEDARMERE) By June 1st, new grant applicants that have been selected to proceed to Step Two, as well as continuing grant recipients, will be invited to submit full proposals. Please note that it is currently Cedarmere's policy not to award more than three consecutive capacity building grants to any one organization. Therefore, for past grant recipients, failure to receive an invitation to reapply may occur simply because they have already received the maximum number of grants this policy permits.  Organizations applying for their 2nd or 3rd grant are not required to submit an LOI, but they must complete a Proposal Form for Returning Community Partners each year that outlines their desired capacity building projects or activities.

All invited organizations will be asked to download the Proposal Form for New Grant Applicants or Proposal Form for Returning Community Partners from our website, fill it out, and return it to us as an email attachment, along with the requested supporting documentation. We must receive completed Proposals no later than August 15th in order for them to be considered for a grant in the current year. Please do not submit a Proposal unless your organization has been invited to do so. If your organization is invited to submit a Proposal, we may contact you to obtain additional information and/or to schedule a site visit before making our final decisions. All applicants will be notified about our funding decisions each year by early November.

In addition to completing the Proposal Form, we ask organizations that have received a grant from the Cedarmere Foundation in the immediately preceding year to complete an additional short questionnaire about how they have used our previous grant. Follow the link to the Prior Grant Recipient Questionnaire, save it to your hard drive, complete it and return it to us by email along with your completed Proposal Form. Please see the Grant Proposal Procedures for a list of the required supporting documentation.

Cedarmere Foundation Grant Proposal Form for New Grant Applicants

Cedarmere Foundation Grant Proposal Form for Returning Community Partners

Cedarmere Foundation Grant Proposal Procedures

Cedarmere Foundation Prior Grant Recipient Questionnaire

Application Timeline:

April 1 - The Foundation invites selected nonprofits to submit a two page Letter of Inquiry
May 1 -  Deadline for receipt of Letters of Inquiry, Questionnaire and IRS determination letter
June 1 -  Requests for Proposals sent to selected organizations
Aug 15 - Deadline for receipt of completed grant proposals and supporting documents
Nov 15 - All organizations notified of grants to be funded

If you have any questions about the grant application process, please contact Danielle Baer, Cedarmere Foundation Grants Manager, at or leave a message at (206) 260-9069.

Photograph above courtesy of Rainier Valley Corps