The success of Cedarmere Foundation grants is dependent on our community partners utilizing the skills and expertise of outside consultants, services, and other resources. As a result, we believe it is important to help our community partners find the resources best suited to help them strengthen their board governance and staff leadership capabilities.

Below is a list of excellent resources that provide information and technical assistance to nonprofit organizations that seek to enhance their effectiveness. We will continue to add new links as we discover them, so check this page each time you visit our website.

**New resources were added on 4-5-2016. Those with two Asterisks (**) are the new additions:

Links to Helpful Information:

501 Commons
This website has a number of resources for nonprofit organizations including a "Statewide Nonprofit Resource Directory" that lists consultants and other service providers who specialize in nonprofits. Also find tools, best practices, web links, and more in this directory. 501 Commons also provides its own consulting services and other technical support, like bookkeeping services, retreat facilitation, etc. to nonprofits.

AFP Advancement Northwest
AFP's website has many resources related to fundraising including a quarterly newsletter that is available online.

(Formerly The National Center for Nonprofit Boards) BoardSource provides outstanding resources on a broad range of topics of interest and concern to nonprofit organizations. In addition to an extensive list of written resources, they provide training and consulting services to all types of nonprofit organizations.

Bridgespan Group
The Bridgespan Group is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization applying leading-edge management strategies, tools and talent to help other nonprofits and foundations achieve greater social impact. TBSG's website provides much useful information for nonprofit leaders including two online newsletters that are available at no charge and the opportunity for nonprofits to post job openings for positions they need to fill.

Building Movement Project
The Building Movement Project develops research tools, training materials and opportunities for partnership to bolster nonprofit organizations' ability to support the voice and power of the people they serve.  it also has an online newsletter. Kim Klein is one of it's leading contributors.  It's focus areas address some of the nonprofit sector's most pressing challenges.

Capaciteria is a free service designed to help nonprofits find the best resources to build their institutional capacity. Capaciteria is a comprehensive, searchable database directory of categorized administrative resources that help nonprofits leverage their own capacity. It promotes peer review because site members can comment on and rate individual resource links as well as add useful new links they come across.

Charity Channel
This website not only has resources for nonprofit organizations, but it also provides a variety of listservs on different topics relevant to nonprofit organizations that you can join. Board Digest, which provides a forum for discussing all board-related topics, is one example. From the home page, click on "Forums", then "All Public Forums."

Compass Point
Compass Point provides a variety of useful publications and information of interest to nonprofits. This link takes you to a page containing links to many other useful web pages: The link to Accidental Techie Resources provides information on nonprofit technology issues: Follow this link to sign up for Compass Point's e-newsletter written exclusively for nonprofit board members, called Board Café©: Short enough to read over a cup of coffee, Board Café offers a menu of ideas, information, opinion, news, and resources to help board members give and get the most out of board service. There are over 70 great issues in the archive!

The Foundation Center
This site includes an online foundation directory and provides a wealth of information for nonprofits seeking grants and other sources of funding.

Free Management Library (for Nonprofits)
This website contains a wealth of information on a wide range of topics relevant to nonprofit organizations. It has a detailed index, which makes it easy to find information on whatever topic interests you.

This website provides a national database of nonprofit organizations that is searchable and includes all 850,000 charities that are registered with the IRS.

Independent Sector
This coalition of nonprofits, foundations and corporations is involved with research, advocacy and education for the nonprofit sector.

Management Assistance Program for Nonprofits
This website contains many helpful resources for nonprofits. Click on the link titled "Classes" to see the standard board governance workshops they offer. They will also develop a custom training session for your board if there is a specific topic that needs to be addressed.

My Nonprofit CPA
Colleen Boland publishes a very helpful e-newsletter called "My Nonprofit CPA" that is available at no charge. One of the best newsletters available; it typically covers topics that are not addressed by other newsletters, like nonprofit financial management issues, fundraising, compliance issues, etc. You can sign up to receive it by email on this website. The site also contains numerous links to other helpful resources related to tax exempt status, compliance issues, financial management tools, audit kits, etc.

Nancy Bell Evans Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy, University of Washington
This website provides information on nonprofit programs, research and resources that are available at the NBE Center, which was established in the fall of 2006.

Northwest Nonprofit Notes
This is a new online interactive newsletter about Reflections, Rants and Resources on the art and science of nonprofit practice by Julie Edsforth and Emily Anthony.

Philanthropy Northwest Membership Directory
Philanthropy Northwest provides a variety of resources to both grant makers and grant seekers. You can access all of them from their home page. PNW's membership directory is a comprehensive resource for grantseekers to use in identifying funding options. The Online Member Directory facilitates more appropriate grant requests, which saves time for grant writers as well as grant makers. Annual subscriptions are available on PNW's website.

Statewide Capacity Collaborative

The Statewide Capacity Collaborative is a group of funders who have come together to pool their resources and collective experience to identify ways to strengthen the state's nonprofit sector by increasing the capacity and sustainability of the individual nonprofit organizations that serve the people of Washington State.  As one part of this effort the SCC funded a research project in 2015 to determine what leadership development resources currently exist within the state and identify where the gaps in resources exist so they can be addressed, not only by the SCC but others interested in supporting nonprofits in the state as well.  The results of that study will be available on the SCC's new website in the first quarter of 2016.  As the SCC develops new initiatives to bridge the gaps identified in this study, they will also be posted on the SCC's website.

**Statewide Leadership Scan Report

In 2015 the Statewide Capacity Collaborative commissioned Compass Point to research the resources and support available to nonprofit leaders across the state of Washington.  This report is the result of that leadership scan.  It provides insights and information about the gaps that exist in the resources and services for nonprofit leaders throughout the state.

We encourage you to download this Report and distribute it to your networks, board and staff members, donors, other constituents, etc. so everyone who has a stake in the health of our nonprofit sector has access to its findings and conclusions.  Since awareness is an important first step toward bringing about change, the more people who understand the unmet needs of Washington's nonprofit leaders, the more effective we can be in working together to address these needs.

Success Measures
Success Measures is an innovative approach for community-based organizations and their partners to document outcomes, measure impact, and inform change. Success Measures provides a practical and user-friendly participatory evaluation method that engages an organization's stakeholders in developing, implementing, and analyzing results.

Success Measures combines the power of technology into its approach through a secure, web-based evaluation and data management tool, the Success Measures Data System (SMDS). SMDS provides everything an organization needs to conduct credible, useful evaluations that demonstrate what differences community development activities make for individuals, organizations and communities.

Tech Soup
Tech Soup is set up to be the portal to the nonprofit technology world. It contains articles and a variety of resources related to the technology issues and challenges facing many nonprofits. By partnering with companies like Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec, Quickbooks and many others, Tech Soup is able to offer significant discounts on software and hardware.  It also offers free online educational tools, resources and support to help nonprofits use technology effectively.

Washington Nonprofits
Begun in 2011, WN is Washington's first statewide association of nonprofit organizations. It provides training and resources to nonprofit across the state. You will find these posted on their website along with membership information. Washington Nonprofits has a policy and advocacy program that focuses on issues that affect the nonprofit sector. It also has a webpage devoted to Legislative Alert links.

Wayfind: Attorneys Supporting Communities (formerly WAACO)
Wayfind: Attorneys Supporting Communities provides pro-bono legal services to nonprofits. In Jan. 2012, Wayfind: Attorneys Supporting Communities published the results of its study, "The Legal Needs of Washington Nonprofits Serving Low Income Communities." It is available on this website. Under Legal Resources for Nonprofits, you will also find a useful manual, "Washington Nonprofit Handbook" which explains the process of how to form and maintain a nonprofit in Washington State and the "Nonprofit Legal Self-Assessment Checklist". It also has many resources on employment-related issues. In addition, Wayfind's volunteer attorneys provide short-term pro bono legal consultations to nonprofits in Washington state, in which they can assist you in reviewing employment agreements, contracts, compliance issues, leases, etc.

Conferences, Training
and Technical Assistance:

501 Commons
This website has a number of resources for nonprofit organizations including a "Statewide Nonprofit Resource Directory" that lists consultants and other service providers who specialize in nonprofits. Also find tools, best practices, web links, and more in this directory. 501 Commons also provides its own consulting services and other technical support, like bookkeeping services, retreat facilitation, etc. to nonprofits.

**Boards in Gear

Boards in Gear is a new online board governance training program designed by the Washington Nonprofit Association and funded by the Cedarmere Foundation that is multi-modal and accessible to anyone with a high speed internet connection.  It consists of videos, printed resource materials and discussion questions as well as periodic facilitated convenings by Washington Nonprofits trainers around the State of Washington.

Board Source's annual Leadership Forum provides an excellent opportunity to participate in workshops by leading authorities and researchers in the field of nonprofit governance and leadership, as well as to network with other nonprofit leaders from across the country and abroad. This year's conference will be in San Francisco Oct. 12-13, 2007. BoardSource also provides workshops in various locations nationwide throughout the year. In addition, it has many associates who are available to consult with individual organizations on specific issues whenever the need arises. To check these out, click on the "Workshops and Events" tab from their home page.

Bridgespan Group
TBSG also provides consulting services to nonprofit organizations.

Cascade Center
Cascade Center courses are intensive two-day, three-day, and five-day training courses designed for public and nonprofit managers. The full array of Cascade courses offers a variety of selections to develop the core set of management and leadership skills needed for successful public and nonprofit management.

Center for Learning Connections
CLC designs training and manages projects to help individuals and organizations respond to change and improve quality. We are especially effective in working with educators, welfare and workforce development professionals and community based organizations. CLC is a self supporting office located at and legally part of Highline Community College.

Compass Point
Compass Point provides a variety of technical assistance services including consulting, coaching, training, executive transition management, peer learning, and conferences designed around specific nonprofit issues/challenges.

Nonprofit Assistance Center (NAC)
NAC provides technical assistance to Seattle area nonprofits. Its home page lists the current training opportunities that are available locally.

Nonprofit Finance Fund
"provides capital and advice to help nonprofits achieve their mission, improve their capacity to deliver services and strengthen their communities."

Nonprofit Staff Development Coalition Project
Its mission is to help staff in non-profit human services organizations reach professional and personal excellence by protecting, nurturing, strengthening and enhancing the staff development function in their organizations. They offer a number of relevant workshops and other training opportunities.

Sound Nonprofits
Provides seminars of interest to nonprofit organizations the third Friday of every month, from September to June each year. Each seminar day will feature one or two sessions on topics of importance for nonprofit professionals and board members. The cost of all seminars will be $30 each (except grant writing which is $75). Most sessions will be held at the Taylor Thomason Insurance Building (3401 South 19th, Tacoma) where the parking is free!
Developed by Fiscal Management Associates (FMA) and The Wallace Foundation, this website features free tools, how-tos and guides aimed at helping nonprofits build their financial muscle. These resources address nonprofit financial planning, monitoring, operations and oversight. They include a nonprofit accounting guide, a "Go or No Go Decision Tool", a podcast on how to understand the true costs of programming, and many more.

The Management Center

Provides a wide variety of management and leadership training opportunities.  TMC offers both intensive hands-on coaching services for executive directors and their senior leadership teams, as well as a series of management training courses that supply practical advice and tools that managers can put to work immediately.

TCC Group
The TCC Group helps its clients honestly assess their strengths and weaknesses, take a step back from their daily work and to think in new ways, and mobilize their resources to address critical issues and become more effective. This consulting group does extensive research to support their work with clients. They assist nonprofits in thinking strategically and planning for the future of their organizations in order to accomplish their mission and vision by providing the following services: strategic & business planning, program evaluation, governance assessment & restructuring, and capacity building. TCC also provides many free briefing papers and other resources on their website. In addition, they frequently offer excellent webinars and podcasts on their website that are also available to you at no cost.

United Way of King County
This website takes you directly to a list of governance and management training opportunities available to area nonprofit board members and staff. The fees for these workshops are typically very reasonable. There are also links on this webpage to other resources you may find helpful.

Washington Nonprofits
Begun in 2011, WN is Washington's first statewide association of nonprofit organizations. It provides training and resources to nonprofit across the state. You will find these posted on their website along with membership information. Washington Nonprofits has a policy and advocacy program that focuses on issues that affect the nonprofit sector. It also has a webpage devoted to Legislative Alert links.

**Wayfind: Attorneys Supporting Communities (formerly WAACO)
Wayfind provides several training sessions each year specifically focused on compliance and the legal requirements and technicalities of nonprofit operation in Washington state. Check their website periodically to find a training that is relevant to your organization's needs.

ZeroDivide is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps ensure underserved communities have access to technology tools and resources as well as the skills required to use them in meaningful ways. It partners with philanthropy, government, and businesses to develop and fund projects that seamlessly integrate technology into programs to improve the economic opportunity, civic engagement, and health outcomes of at-risk communities. ZeroDivide provides a culturally competent and comprehensive approach to technology integration for social good. ZeroDivide provides consulting services, education and training and program implementation.



Technical assistance is also available through a number of local, regional and national consulting firms and individual consultants. The Foundation can make referrals to its grantees that seek a specific type of resource or training opportunity but need help in locating the best source for that assistance. However, we do not post the names of individual consultants or firms on our website.


Photograph above courtesy of Hamlin Robinson School