What We Fund

PLEASE NOTE:  The global pandemic has created challenges for our community partners that none of us have ever seen before.  While the Cedarmere Foundation has been committed to making only grants restricted to capacity building activities for the last 14 years, we recognize that this type of grant may not meet our community partners' most pressing needs during this very difficult time.  As a result, we have decided to allow our 2020 grants to be used wherever they are most needed, providing our community partners with the flexibility to use them for either general operating support or for capacity building activities. 

Types of Grants We Fund:

The Cedarmere Foundation's board believes that strong, effective governance and leadership are essential to the successful implementation of a nonprofit's mission. Because of this belief, strengthening organizational capacity and building sustainability are the goals of our grant making support to community partners. We do not make grants for general operating expenses or for programs because our grants are focused exclusively on activities and support that will enable boards to govern more effectively and senior staff leaders to lead and manage their organizations more successfully. It is our belief that doing so will strengthen the capacity of our community partners to fulfill their missions.

Within the parameters of our overall mission, the Cedarmere Foundation has a particular interest in funding small nonprofit organizations with annual operating budgets of up to $3 million and that address the needs of children and families. While we expect that the majority of our community partner's work will be in human services, health or education, we will occasionally consider proposals from other branches of the nonprofit sector.

  • Examples of the types of projects that we fund include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Board assessment, development and training in leadership, governance best practices and fiduciary responsibilities
    • Executive Director and staff development including leadership training, financial management consultations; executive coaching; fundraising training; training in technology systems
    • Retreat facilitation
    • Strategic planning
    • Fund development planning and feasibility studies
    • Succession planning and executive transition management assistance
    • Design and implementation of evaluations
    • Development of knowledge management systems
    • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training
    • Collaborations with other nonprofit organizations to achieve a common goal
    • Higher level of professional financial scrutiny (e.g. from compilation to review; from review to audit)
  • Our grants usually range from $5,000 to $10,000.
  • We usually award one-time grants for specific projects and expect them to be completed within one year of receipt of our grant. However, we recognize that occasionally it will take longer than one year for project completion. There must be agreement between the foundation and a grant recipient prior to the awarding of a grant if the project is expected to take longer than a year to complete. The foundation must be informed when unexpected delays occur and presented with a timeline for project completion.
  • In most cases, it is our practice to award grants for three consecutive years to our community partners, contingent upon past compliance with grant agreements, available funding, and continuing ability to meet Cedarmere's funding criteria. A proposal outlining the capacity building activity or project desired must be submitted in order to continue receiving funding in the second and third years.
  • Upon completion of all projects funded by the foundation, grant recipients are required to submit a report of up to two pages summarizing the benefits or value gained by the organization from the training or capacity building activities made possible by the grant. When available, any summary reports provided by consultants engaged for the project are also required.